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Customer notice

Customer notice
updated 04/07/2020

Nortchcote Store update

We are restricting the amount of people in the store at any given time including the number of staff, to allow for at least 5 square metres per person.

When lining up outside, there must be at least 2 metres between each person.

When waiting to be served inside, there is still to be 2 metres between you, the person behind you & the person in front of you.

When being served at the counters, please be mindful not to lean over the counters to reduce risk to our staff.

Also, please be mindful of touching items unnecessarily.

We are really appreciative of how compliant everyone has been with sanitising on entry to the store - you're all so wonderful.

Thank you for reading and understanding, Now is the time we need to pull together and be really mindful about reducing everyone's risk.

Frequently asked questions

What is a good time to come in to avoid queues?

Generally speaking, it’s good to come in mid-morning and later in the day during the week to avoid queues. However, we can’t guarantee this as it’s different every day.

Can I get food and products delivered to me?

At this stage we only offer delivery to our wholesale food customers. See our wholesale delivery requirements and sign up here.

Do you have X product available?

Our stock levels do vary from week to week, so for specific product questions we recommend calling us on 9489 5824.

Do you have an online shopping portal?

At this stage we only have a portal for our wholesale customers. See information on our wholesale services here.