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Everything you should consider before choosing an organic wholesale supplier

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Everything you should consider before choosing an organic wholesale supplier
Everything you should consider before choosing an organic wholesale supplier
Terra Madre
May 7, 2019
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5 ways to ensure you're getting the best organic wholesale everyday

Choosing the right organic wholesale supplier ​for your business is essential for keeping, attracting and retaining customers.

In Australia, we're lucky enough to have access to a wide range of fresh organic food and produce. But confusing labelling laws and a huge range of organic suppliers means it can be difficult to tell what kind of organic food you're really getting.

Whether you're a restaurant, cafe, manufacturer, co-op or bulk shop, we believe that choosing a reliable wholesale supplier with quality, genuine organic produce should be easy.

As a leading organic wholesale supplier, you can get in touch with our team at Terra Madre to chat about the products you need for the best possible prices.

If you're considering choosing an organic wholesale supplier or swapping suppliers, here are five things to take into consideration.

1. Affordability

Organic produce has a reputation for being expensive. Unlike conventionally grown plant food or food products, organically grown produce has been harvested and processed without the use of pesticides or synthetic chemicals.

That means truly organic produce yields a much lower food product, and requires more land for growing and farming.

2. Organic certification

Navigating through organic labelling is difficult whether you're a business owner or a curious customer.

When it comes to official organic certification in Australia, there is no singular regulatory body. There are seven certification companies that have been approved by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS), which each have individual verification processes.

All certified organic products have gone through a process of certification by one of these seven bodies, in order to guarantee the integrity and purity of the product.

Terra Madre has the largest range of Australian Certified Organic (ACO) food produce in Australia. The ACO is Australia's largest certifier for organic and biodynamic produce, which means the produce you're receiving is free from human-made fertilisers, pesticides, growth regulators, and GMOs.

3. Quality

Just like conventionally farmed food products, organic products vary in quality.  

We've looked high and low (and left to right) for the best quality organic food, products, and suppliers on the market. It means as an organic wholesale supplier, we can confidently say that we stock one of the most innovative and delicious ranges in Victoria.

4. Range

organic wholesale supplier

Doing your grocery shopping at three different stores isn't how anyone wants to spend Saturday morning.

That's why helping costumers choose to shop organic has been part of Terra Madre's ethos since opening its doors, making it as easy as possible for everyone to stock high quality, affordable organic produce in their pantry.

As a certified organic wholesaler, Terra Madre supplies the community with the largest range of ethically-sourced, ACO-certified organic produce.

As an organic wholesale supplier, we're dedicated to helping you provide your customers with the widest range of ACO-certified organic food products.  

5. Shop local

There is a huge number of international organic wholesalers that deliver all around Australia, but very few have built a strong, reputable brand through community grassroots.

There are even fewer organic brands with the same dedicated customers as Terra Madre.

We're proud to say we've been providing the community with outstanding customer service alongside affordable organic products since 1996. Our wholesale partners and loyal customers continue to shop with us, trusting us to bring affordable, high-quality organics everyday.

With the largest range of organic products in Australia, we're well equipped to answer any questions. Get in touch.

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