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How to find wholesale food supplies for a restaurant

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How to find wholesale food supplies for a restaurant
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March 13, 2020
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The benefits of sourcing organic products in bulk

Buying in bulk is about more than the financial bottom line. Restaurants benefit in a variety of ways from having a reliable bulk and wholesale supplier who keeps them topped up with outstanding, organic, fresh and sustainable items.

Australian food culture is inseparable from health, nutrition and increasing environmental awareness. Terra Madre’s products do justice to the aspirations of your food business to meet this growing demand.

Explore Terra Madre’s leading organic wholesale food supplies and you’ll be delighted with our competitive prices. To purchase wholesale items in bulk, visit our website and sign up for a wholesale account.

Who chooses bulk, wholesale organic food supplies?

Australians are definitely overachievers when it comes to sustainable sourcing and organic products. At Terra Madre, we’ve witnessed this health and environmental food revolution firsthand. The restaurant industry is no exception.

Terra Madre is the trusted supplier of Australia's largest range of high quality, certified organic products. We supply stock to:

The brands of many successful and highly sought after restaurants (and other businesses in the hospitality industry) are often built around the ethical food movement. Sustainable, local and high quality ingredient sourcing is key to this philosophy and Terra Madre continually strives to encourage other businesses to join this movement.

Buying bulk keeps costs down

grains and legumes in bulk for sale at market

Most food businesses capitalise on the benefits of bulk purchasing. It’s simple math whereby you buy more in terms of quantity and it costs you less. It's a definite win as it makes economic sense, but also environmental sense.

For many restaurants and cafes, buying in bulk allows the costs of regular items to be kept at a minimum. To access this saving for your business you will need to consider how you can:

  • Be organised
  • Plan ahead
  • Order larger quantities
  • Accommodate storage

Bulk wholesale purchases can make a big difference to the profit margin in a business. As a further incentive, Terra Madre offers free delivery in Melbourne for orders over $500. So, if you haven’t purchased in bulk yet, it’s a great option to consider.

Superior quality food is our forte

Quality food comes in different shapes and forms – from fresh, to ethically sourced, certified organic, nutritious, delicious and sustainable. Terra Madre delivers on all of these markers so that your business can, too.

Restaurants and cafes make up a large proportion of our wholesale business because they also have customers who expect exceptional quality, every time. Regular customers become regular because they know they can expect high quality products, ingredients and service.

Sourcing all the required supplies from the right food wholesalers is essential to keep your customers satisfied. As the leading wholesale organic food supplier, we provide you with the products, delivery and information you need to make purchasing decisions that stack up.

Reliable wholesale that meets industry standards

saleswoman in food market

At Terra Madre we ensure all of our food items meet the relevant industry standards. This includes all products for wholesale and bulk purchase. For more information on the standards that all food businesses in Australia are required to comply with, visit Australian Government Food Safety Standards.

The Food Safety Standards aim is to lower the incidence of foodborne illness. They place obligations on Australian food businesses to produce food that is safe and suitable to eat, and also place health and hygiene obligations on food handlers.

We also understand the importance of 'country of origin' claims on items and food labelling more broadly, and comply with industry standards so that our customers can rely on their purchases. To learn more about food labelling rules under Australian consumer law visit the ACCC website.

Protecting the environment with bulk purchase

Placing bulk, wholesale orders from Terra Madre has further benefits when it comes to our green and clean ethos. Restaurants and cafes go through a lot of single use materials each day. However, through larger bulk purchases there are many opportunities to reduce your environmental impact by:

  • Minimising packaging
  • Using ecofriendly reusable packaging
  • Minimising plastic pollution
  • Requiring fewer food miles as a result of less deliveries

Sustainability is at the core of Terra Madre’s trade. In our experience, when restaurants and food businesses buy in bulk their environmental footprint is much smaller.

A one-stop-shop for bulk organic food supplies

Whether you’re a burgeoning food business, an evolving institution or a savvy individual, Terra Madre can help you purchase in bulk with confidence and ease.

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