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What Kind Of Milk Alternatives Are Best For My Cafe?

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What Kind Of Milk Alternatives Are Best For My Cafe?
different types of milk alternatives in jugs beside the different nut varieties
Terra Madre
March 18, 2020
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Customers have gone sour on ordinary milk. Is your cafe prepared?

More and more people are going dairy free. There are many factors that are motivating people to move on from milk, like:

  • Dietary restrictions
  • Health concerns
  • Ethical quagmires
  • Environmental considerations

And that's just for starters. A big percentage of the people who are giving up milk have simply discovered that they prefer the taste of milk alternatives, like soy, almond, oak and rice milk.

To help you pick the most viable options for your cafe (and avoid the pitfalls) we've put together the following guide to milk alternatives.

At Terra Madre, we have a huge range of dairy free products. We only work with the best suppliers, and ensure that all of our wholesale goods are ethically made and certified organic. Whether you want to purchase wholesale or in-store, we've got you covered.

Why have milk alternatives become so popular?

view from atop of different types of milk alternatives laid out

Fewer people are drinking milk. It is increasingly common for people to have a plant based diet, either for the environment, or because they don't want to use products that come from animals. Other non-milk drinkers have lactose intolerance, or other dietary needs, and cannot consume dairy.

This move away from milk has revolutionised coffee orders. Some in the post-milk movement have started drinking their coffee black — but that's certainly not everybody's cup of coffee! Less than a quarter of people like to drink their coffee that way.

A huge market has opened up for milk alternatives. Everybody's tastes are different. To maximise customer satisfaction, it's important for cafes to stock a wide variety of different options.

Soy milk

Is there any bean quite as versatile as the soybean? How is it possible that the same base ingredient can be turned into things as different as:

  • Sharp, salty soy sauce
  • Infinitely moreish soy crisps
  • Delicious tofu

Not to mention that soy is the foundation of the world's most popular milk alternative.

Soy milk is perfect for coffee, smoothies, and almost any other circumstance in which you'd use conventional milk. Plus, the Pureharvest soy milk we sell is:

  • Made from the whole bean
  • Completely free from artificial ingredients
  • GMO free
  • Made in Australia
  • Certified organic

We sell both normal soy milk, and also a version with added calcium. Both are sold wholesale in quantities of 1L x 12.

Almond milk

almond milk in a glass beside a bowl of almonds

Technically, an almond isn't actually a nut, even though everybody thinks about it that way because of its taste. A similar thing is true of almond milk; it isn't really milk (in that it hasn't been squeezed from the udders of an almond tree) but it sure does taste like it.

Almond milk is a nutritious, low calorie, and increasingly popular alternative to dairy milk. The almond milk we sell is made from activated almonds (which have been soaked in water to unlock their full nutritional benefits), plus brown rice and filtered water. Like all of our products, it is organic.

Oat milk

It used to be that people poured milk into their oats. Today, people are making milk from oats. In cafes across Australia, growing numbers of caffeine-seekers are ordering coffees made with oat milk.

We sell wholesale oat milk that has a light and delightful flavour. It is perfect for coffee and tea, and also happens to be a trusty source of soluble fibre.

Coconut milk

Whether you're stranded on a desert island with no hope of ever being found or just meeting up with friends for coffee in the city, coconut milk is a great choice.

The organic coconut milk that we stock is a delicious, naturally sweet treat, and a great alternative to dairy milk at your cafe.

Rice milk

Rice milk is sweeter than some other milk alternatives. It's comparatively high in calcium, and is perfect for people who can't drink almond or soy milk because of their allergies. We're proud to sell rice milk that is organic, enriched, and GMO free.

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