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Where to find wholesale food direct to the public

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Where to find wholesale food direct to the public
wholesale organic food delivery
Terra Madre
July 15, 2019
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Looking for organic wholesale food and natural health products?

If you're looking to save on the amount of time and money you spend on grocery shopping, you may have considered getting organic boxes of fruit and veg delivered or looked into wholesale food supplies.

Getting bulk supplies of wholesale products such as fresh produce, household products, and health supplies can help you bypass the shops on weekends and reduce your weekly grocery spend without sacrificing quality.

The only issue is, it can be hard to find wholesale food suppliers that deliver directly to the public. Wholesale food delivery services are often designed for restaurants, cafes, food manufacturers and health shops, rather than individuals and groups.

However, there are quality wholesale food suppliers in Melbourne who will happily deliver direct to the public. In this post, we'll explain how wholesale food deliveries work and the difference between commercial wholesale and 'bulk' buying for individuals and groups.

At Terra Madre, we sell and distribute delicious organics at competitive prices to businesses, food co-ops, and individuals. Get in touch with us to become an organic wholesale customer.

How wholesale food delivery works

Wholesale food delivery offers a great way to get the products you want for the best possible prices. Doing your grocery shopping at three different stores isn't how anyone wants to spend a Saturday morning.

Buying in bulk helps make organic food more affordable and accessible, and since you can customise orders to get only what you need, it reduces food spoilage and waste. One litre of tahini? Done. Twelve grams of saffron? No worries.

Most wholesale food distributors have a dedicated philosophy around reducing plastic labelling and unnecessary packaging and a paperless approach to receiving and processing, so buying in bulk is also great for the environment.

With that in mind, always check - regardless of whether you're running a food-based business or simply looking to explore buying in bulk - whether you can get everything you need from your wholesale food supplier. Ideally, they'll have an extensive product range, so you're not left needing to do extra shopping.

It also pays to make sure they are happy to guarantee the integrity and purity of their wholesale supplies. Always make sure you enquire about the minimum order requirements before signing up with a wholesale food supplier and check their delivery prices and speed.

Commercial wholesale vs. individual bulk buying

wholesale organic food

As we mentioned earlier, commercial wholesale deliveries are the norm in Australia, although individual and group wholesale deliveries are available from some certified organic wholesalers. Commercial wholesale deliveries supply organic food and wholesale products to dedicated food-based businesses.

Individual bulk buying can often be achieved in-store at your local wholesaler. Most environmentally-conscious wholesale food stores offer products like flour and legumes in bulk quantities, so unless you're ordering huge amounts of wholesale products, it may be easier and more efficient to stock up at your local bricks 'n mortar store.

Alternatively, you could consider creating a formal or informal food cooperative or community group with family members, colleagues, and friends. By pooling together to get your pantry staples and organic goods delivered to one destination each month, you'll lower your collective food miles and save money.

How to get started

Australia has a growing number of organic food wholesalers that deliver across all states and territories, but very few have built a robust and reputable brand through community grassroots action. There are even fewer organic wholesalers with the same dedicated customer base as Terra Madre.

We're proud to say we've been providing the Melbourne community with affordable organic products and outstanding customer service since 1996. Our wholesale partners and loyal customers choose to shop with us because they know they can rely on us to deliver the most affordable, high-quality organics.

While we primarily provide wholesale food deliveries to food-based businesses, we do make exceptions for individuals in some circumstances. We encourage wholefood lovers from all walks of life to get in touch and have a chat with us about their options.

Contact us to get access to organic wholesale food direct to public. We'd love to help you out.

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