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How to get the most out of your wholesale food deliveries

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How to get the most out of your wholesale food deliveries
Wholeshale food deliveries
Terra Madre
August 21, 2019
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We share our tips for planning ahead and shopping smarter

If you're getting wholesale food deliveries for your cafe, business or cooperative, you're probably already well-versed in how much better organic foods and products are for your customers, your conscience and the planet.

But you may have wondered if there's a better way to plan your orders, buy in bulk and store your organic food once you receive it. After all, wholesale food deliveries are designed to help you cut down on waste, not create it!

We've compiled a list of our favourite wholesale shopping tips to help you get the most bang for your buck with your organic food deliveries.

At Terra Madre, we're on a mission to make high-quality organic foods and products accessible to everyone. Our wholesale food deliveries give forward-thinking businesses a cost-effective way to stock, sell and support natural products. Learn more about our competitive wholesale pricing.

Take stock of what you need

taking stock of organic food

By choosing to buy your organic goodies wholesale, you've already got the option to buy as much or as little as you want. Buying in bulk is a great way to save, but it does take a little bit of forward planning.

Keep a running list of what your business or organisation needs to restock and replenish on a weekly, monthly, tri-annual and bi-annual basis. Organise the list by food or product category, and don't forget to take into account seasonal changes that may affect the availability of certain foods or products. If you're a cafe owner, you might want to look closely at your menu to work out what you go through the quickest.

There are a heap of apps out there which can help you keep track of things, although we're partial to a good old-fashioned notepad. Review your stock list regularly to develop a stronger understanding of what you need to include in each wholesale food order and what you can afford only to include in every second or third delivery.

Think carefully about what you always use and need to have on hand, and stock up on it when it goes on sale. No-grain bakeries, for example, might want to keep speciality flours and baking products in bulk.

Know what will last (and what won't)

organic produce

The high perishability of organic food is a major consideration when figuring out how to get the most out of your wholesale food deliveries.

In general, organic foods and products have a shorter shelf life than non-organic items because, well, they haven't been genetically modified or produced using synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers. Organic foods and products are grown naturally, and Australian Certified Organic (ACO) products are even certified by a third party to guarantee their integrity and purity.

In short, organic food's perishability is because it is natural and generally speaking of higher quality (and arguably healthier) than non-organic alternatives. The most perishable organic products are fruits and vegetables whereas non-perishable products include grains, cereals, pulses, oils and dried fruits.

At Terra Madre, we try to source the products for our organic wholesale deliveries as locally as possible to ensure we can always trace them back to their source. We recommend that you shop sparingly for items which you know might spoil before you can use them and choose to buy local, in-season organic produce wherever possible.

Commit to the decision to make a difference

One of the biggest reasons that individuals and businesses choose to go organic is because it represents taking a stance against the giant, chemical-producing corporations who have polluted our environment.

Organic food production is more sustainable than conventional practices, and although it generally retails at a higher price than conventionally-farmed produce, we reckon it's worth the extra dollar or two—and our wholesale delivery service keeps costs affordable.

As an Australian Certified Organic wholesaler with Australia's most extensive range of ACO-certified products, we are proud to supply organic foods and products to everyone from speciality food manufacturers to health food stores.

We can help you devise an organic wholesale solution to suit your business. Find out more about our high-quality, certified organic wholesale deliveries or get in touch to ask about our products.

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