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How to find the best wholesale food supplier

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How to find the best wholesale food supplier
Finding the best wholesale food supplier
Terra Madre
August 21, 2019
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The ultimate guide to choosing your wholesale food distributor

If you run a small, food business, you might be wondering how to find a wholesale food supplier that you can rely on. A quality supplier is important in any industry - but in the food industry, it's particularly essential.

The success of your business may depend on the quality of the supplier you choose, so it's crucial to invest time and thought into finding the right wholesale distributor for you. Buying wholesale food and products can save you time and money, but only if you choose a company you trust.

Not all wholesalers will offer the same in terms of quality, reliability, price, range, location, delivery, and service. Here are five tips for finding the right wholesale supplier for your small start-up or food co-op.

As a leading organic wholesale supplier, we know how important it is to get the best wholesale goods for your business. Fill out our Terra Madre enquiry form to learn more about our wholesale organics supply.

Make a shortlist of companies

wholesale food companies

Depending on where your business is located, you may have multiple or limited options for wholesale delivery. Shortlist suppliers that are as close to you as possible. The less distance the food travels, the better for the environment, and the lower the delivery cost for your business.

You also want your fresh organic food to arrive as fresh as possible. It has been harvested and processed without the use of pesticides or synthetic chemicals, so it will have a shorter shelf life than chemically-assisted supermarket produce.

Find out if your favourite independent wholesaler or health food shop has a wholesale delivery option. You may be surprised to learn how many do as a way to make high-quality organics more affordable and accessible. Even if they don't, they might be able to recommend you a like-minded business who does, or tell you where they get their wholesale supply.

Word of mouth is great when it comes to choosing quality suppliers. Ask for personal recommendations from other food-based businesses or your alternative health practitioners. There's a lot you can find out by signing up to industry newsletters or reading online reviews.

Ask about their product range

There's no point in signing up to wholesale food deliveries if you won't be able to get the bulk of what you need in each order. Finding a wholesale food supplier with an extensive product range is essential for keeping costs low at your cafe, restaurant, bakery, health food store, or food cooperative.

Check if your shortlisted wholesale food suppliers have the following:

  • An extensive, certified organic range
  • High standards for quality and consistency
  • A strategy for reducing plastic labelling and unnecessary packaging
  • A paperless approach to receiving and processing
  • Minimum order sizes for delivery
  • Competitive wholesale prices

They should be happy to chat with you about how and why they supply affordable, high-quality organics to businesses.

Ask about their quality control checks

wholesale quality control

Getting wholesale food deliveries is only beneficial to your business if it saves you time, money, and hassle. The last thing you want is to have to perform quality control checks on your wholesale produce after you get it.

Ask your shortlisted wholesale food suppliers if they have set processes in place to ensure the food they send out is high-quality. They should be happy to guarantee the integrity and purity of their wholesale supplies.

They should also be able to reassure you that they have carried out quality assurance processes on all supplies before you receive them and that your order will be packed as freshly and hygienically as possible.

Check their wholesale rates and delivery options

Choosing the right organic wholesale supplier ​for your business is not just about customisation and range; it's also about cost. Always make sure you enquire about the minimum order requirements before signing up with a wholesale food supplier and check their delivery prices and speed.

Ask if shortlisted wholesale food suppliers the following:

  • Is there the option to deliver orders during a specific time window?
  • Can I request a standard delivery time of between two to three business days after placing my order?
  • What are your online ordering options?
  • Do you have certificates of analysis and product recommendations?
  • Are there any cancellation charges?
  • Are there minimum order sizes for delivery, or free delivery over a certain amount?

For most small food-based businesses, the ideal wholesale distributor is one with who they can build a long-term, positive relationship. A quality supplier will pass their savings directly onto their wholesale customers and provide flexibility where you need it.

Further thoughts

In Australia, we're lucky to have access to a wide range of fresh organic food and produce. Whether you're a restaurant, cafe, manufacturer, co-op, or bulk shop, we believe that choosing a reliable food supplier with affordable, high-quality wholefoods should be easy.

At Terra Madre, we supply the local community with Australia's largest range of ethically-sourced, ACO-certified organic produce. As a certified organic wholesaler, we have everything you need to create a sustainable organic menu or food range for your customers.

We primarily provide wholesale supply to businesses who need organic products as part of their operation. However, we also welcome individuals and groups who need organic food for all kinds of reasons. Even if they're just doing their grocery shopping.

We love sustainable food and practices, so get in touch today to sign up for a wholesale account or ask us a question.

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